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Family Photographer in Los Angeles
MJ Sportraits, dramatic sports portraits Los Angeles

Welcome to Marissa Janelle Photography

We understand that life is a beautiful journey composed of unique moments, each deserving to be captured with precision and artistry. As a passionate family photographer, I specialize in embracing the magic of all life stages – from the glow of maternity to the tender innocence of newborns, and the joyous chaos of family sessions.

Framed in time

Our brand is dedicated to preserving the authentic essence of your story. Every session is an opportunity to freeze time, creating timeless portraits that reflect the warmth, love, and laughter shared among your loved ones.

Proudly Introducing our Second Brand... MJ Sportraits

Step into the dynamic world of sports portraiture, where passion meets skill, and every shot tells a riveting story. With a flair for dramatic lighting, we specialize in capturing athletes in their element – freezing moments of intensity, determination, and triumph. Whether you're a rising star on the field or a dedicated fan, our sports portraits are a celebration of the indomitable spirit that defines the world of athletics.

Two Brands, One commitment

At Marissa Janelle Photography, our dual brands unite under a common purpose – to tell your story with authenticity, creativity, and a touch of magic. Each click of the shutter is an invitation to revisit cherished memories, to relive the excitement, and to share your unique journey with the world.

"We absolutely loved working with Marissa! She came to our home to do a newborn photo shoot of our daughter when she was about a week old.

Marissa is very kind and patient and knows what she’s doing. I was so worried my daughter would cry the whole time but Marissa’s calm energy kept my baby happy & calm.

On the rare occasion that she would fuss, like during an outfit change Marissa knew how to calm her down right away! In fact she even taught me some calming techniques.

Over all the experience was wonderful and the photos turned out amazing. I would definitely recommend using Marissa for any photos your heart desires."

Erin and Ryan O.
Los Angeles, CA

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